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This Week
Regular Show
SIgn-Ins 11 am - 12 pm with racing starting at 1 pm.
"Star Wars Day"

Next Week 9/5-15 - 9/6/15
USAC Regional Event at Blackbird
Friday 9/4/15 is parking only starting at 3 pm. 
Saturday 9/5/15 (All HONDA Classes) sign-ins 7 am - 9 am.  Driver/Handler Meeting 8:45 am. 1 Round of practice, heats, lower mains and A Mains starts at 9:00.
Sunday 9/6/15 (All Briggs & Deco Classes) sign-ins 7 am - 9 am.  Driver/Handler Meeting 8:45 am. 1 Round of practice, heats, lower mains and A Mains starts at 9:00.

Welcome to Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club


Effective no later than 8/2/2015.  We will no longer allow any car to operate with a 1/4 turn gas cap tank system.  All cars will be re-inspected to ensure that a full thread gas cap tank system is installed.  Again the deadline is 8/2/2015. If you do not have the full thread gas cap tank system, you will not be allowed to compete at B.Q.M.R.C.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation with this change and hope this change makes it around to all of our local tracks.
A race club for kids ages 5 to 16, our Race Day events are held on Sundays with a few exception for special race events.  Please see our full schedule for details. 

Come out and join us for a fun filled day at the track.  To learn more about our club and how to get started please contact one of our Club Officials.  We are located on the grounds of Airport Speed way in New Castle Delaware.

Next Club Meeting & Work Party - All Must Attend.
Tuesday August 11, 2015 @7:15 PM


Broadcasting Live during our Race Events

B.Q.M.R.C. Extra Distance

  Sign-Ins 11 am – 12:00 am

  • Driver/Handler Meeting 12:30 pm
  • Racing Starts 1:00 pm
  • Sr. Honda Time Trials
  • Jr. Animal Time Trials
  • All extra distance qualifiers will report to designated tech area to be sealed following their laps
  • Heats for remaining classes (10 laps, 8 min)
  • Intermission
  • Lower Mains and A Mains for Extra Distance Races
  • Regularly scheduled program for remaining classes


Time Trial Instructions

  • No practice prior to time trials
  • Car enters racing surface and is displayed a rolled up green flag
  • Green flag next time by indicating that driver is on the clock
  • Green flag again indicating driver is still on the clock
  • White flag displayed indicating last qualifying lap
  • Checkered flag & Yellow flag displayed indicating qualifying is complete
  • Car immediately exits the track surface
  • Fastest 5 cars for Seniors & Juniors will transfer directly to the A Main.  Next 5 fastest will transfer to the B Main, etc. (10 cars will start for Juniors & Seniors A Mains)
  • Each division will start heads up.
  • There is a 3 minute warm up before the A main directly into the A Main.  Extra distances races will be 40 laps (A Main) for the Senior classes and 35 laps (A-Main) for the Juniors.  Any lower main will be 30 laps for the seniors and 25 laps for the Juniors. 

General Racing Rules (for information purposes)


*Between one main and the next there will be a three minute break. If a driver cannot make it out after the three minute time period, the X car will be sent onto the track.

*It is at the Race Director’s discretion to adjust the racing schedule (I.E. warm-ups, heats, timing, transfers, ect.) if changes need to be made with the input of the BOD present (I.E. weather).


All QMA Track Records have been retired, so all track records are open.