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This Week 10/29-10/30
Spooka Palooza
2 Day 3 Heat Monza Race with Trick or Treating, Halloween Costume Contest and Craig & Donna's Haunting Spectacular!!

Spooka Palooza Schedule of Events:

Saturday 10/29/2016

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12 pm – 1 pm with Races starting at 2 pm



mbers Regular Rate plus $10 (per driver)

Visitors Regular Rate plus $15 (per driver)


Format:  This is a monza 3 segment event. Two segments will run on Saturday with the third running on Sunday. 


Leg #1:           20 laps per class (15 minute time limit).  These races will be pill draw for starting positions.* 


Leg #2:           15 laps (12 minute time limit).  These races will be lined up by points earned in 1st segment with a complete invert*


(*If more than one heat per division, all cars will be lined up by points, invert and split back into the same number of heats.  Pill draw is tie breaker)




Following racing on Saturday will be the kid’s Halloween Costume Contest along with trick or treating at all the trailers.  Please bring candy for the drivers and please decorate your trailers.  Adults are encouraged to wear costumes along with the kids!




Sunday 10/30/2016


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11 am – 11:30 am (ONLY FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT RACE SATURDAY) with races starting at 12 pm.



Members Regular Rate

Visitors Regular Rate


Leg #3:           10 laps (8 minute time limit). These races will be lined up by total points earned in the 1st and 2nd segments with a complete invert, with the drivers who did not race on Saturday tagging the back of their respective fields with 0 points.


“A” Mains will be straight up based on total points earned. (Lower mains, if necessary).  “A” Mains will have normal number of laps, with normal time limits.


Retiring Driver Laps during Intermission on Sunday before the “A” mains.


Point Guidelines:


1st Place = 10 pts.

2nd Place = 9 pts.

3rd Place = 8 pts.

4th Place = 7 pts.

5th Place = 6 pts.

6th Place = 5 pts.

7th Place = 4 pts.

8th Place = 3 pts.

9th Place = 2 pts.

10th Place = 1 pt.



Welcome to Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club


Effective no later than 8/2/2015.  We will no longer allow any car to operate with a 1/4 turn gas cap tank system.  All cars will be re-inspected to ensure that a full thread gas cap tank system is installed.  Again the deadline is 8/2/2015. If you do not have the full thread gas cap tank system, you will not be allowed to compete at B.Q.M.R.C.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation with this change and hope this change makes it around to all of our local tracks.
A race club for kids ages 5 to 16, our Race Day events are held on Sundays with a few exception for special race events.  Please see our full schedule for details. 

Come out and join us for a fun filled day at the track.  To learn more about our club and how to get started please contact one of our Club Officials.  We are located on the grounds of Airport Speed way in New Castle Delaware.

Next Club Meeting
Tuesday October 11, 2016 @ 7:15 PM at:
Our Track